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AWARE welcomes and values volunteers at its projects in India. For information on how to volunteer, please contact AWARE via the CONTACT page.


Shivang Patel

AWARE’s first volunteer was Shivang, a high school student from Chicago, USA. Shivang helped to assess the performance levels of around 100 primary school children at the Community Resource Centre in Ahmedabad, which is supported by AWARE. The performance tests assessed how many of the children could read, write and apply their literacy skills to practical matters, such as telling the time, counting currency, etc.

Luke Partridge
Luke, a history graduate from Nottingham in the UK, developed a one-day training programme on First Aid, Personal Health and Hygiene.  He delivered the programme at three workshops; the first for the teachers of the seven CRCs, the second for the children of one of the CRCs in Ahmedabad and the third for the rescue workers of a Community Based Disaster Management team.

Riti and Sanya
Two young women from Maidstone, Kent, in the UK, stayed for ten days at Navjeevan Ashram Shala, a rural residential school supported by AWARE. They helped the children to improve their English and to develop their cricketing skills. As a professional cricketer, Riti opened for the Kent Under 17s girls’ cricket team.

Nishma Manek and Dhruv Panchal
Two young medical students, from Imperial College, London, conducted basic health check-ups for all the children attending the Navjeevan Ashram Shala, at Manund, in Patan, North Gujarat.

More students are booked for the coming year as volunteers.

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