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2017 Update

The Trustees of The AWARE Foundation would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Foundation by giving up their time and effort in organising and taking part in various events and to those who have given generous donations and support.  
All money raised is gratefully received and will go a long way to help the projects in India funded by AWARE.

It has been a great year of fundraising!

Thank you so much to everyone who organised, participated, donated or volunteered along the way. 

This year we raised over £60,000, which is making a positive difference to so many children’s lives, from:

A Blingo Bingo Night
The Bharat Army Football Tournament
The Dover Walk
A Cycling Tour in Italy & France

The India motorcycle challenge
The AWARE Golf Day

And very generous donations received from our sponsors.

A special thank you to Day Lewis, Meesha Group and the Bharat Army for their significant ongoing support.


Events planned for 2018


Further events will be added and information regarding dates and venues will be updated on our website and social media pages. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates - links are at the bottom of the page.



Please get involved

Hold an event on behalf of AWARE!
We have put together a Fundraising Pack, which is a step by step guide, full of ideas, advice, tips and downloads to help promote an event.  We will support you every step of the way and help make your event as successful as possible.
Simply visit our website and click on ‘How you can help’ to find our link to ‘Start fundraising’, or email us at and we will help you get started.


Your support is making a difference

The funds generously donated are going towards truly worthy projects and are helping many children in India. 

Our Current Projects are:

Samadaan Shelter Home for children of HIV Positive parents

The shelter is a well-managed home with 62 children.  Thirteen of these children are orphans, 33 have only one parent and all have at least one parent who is HIV positive.
Apart from getting wholesome meals, the children get opportunities to develop their extra-curricular talents.  They have done extremely well at cultural presentations, elocution, quizzes and sports.  They have not only participated actively but have won as many as 38 prizes in one single academic year!
AWARE has been supporting this home since 2009 and the number of children has grown from 17 to 62. 
Karunagram Abode for Street Children 

This is currently providing shelter, support and an education to 18 boys (girls are sheltered separately)  The numbers are kept low as the aim is to reunite as many children as possible with a family member first.  There is a good infrastructure in place, providing workshops and fayres giving the children excellent exposure to the outside world. 
Swapath Trust: 
School Retention Programme

Supporting 50 children.  The aim is that children should not drop out of school until at least the 10th grade.  This is achieved by having Education Support Centres in community spaces in/near slums or low-income housing colonies.
Special Rehabilitation Programme

Supporting children of sex workers, HIV positive children and children with HIV positive parents.  AWARE is currently supporting 600 children with their education and motivation.
The Seasonal Hostels & LRCS in Dangs

For children of parents who migrate to work for 7/8 months of the year.  There are now 7 hostels across different villages with 40 children per hostel (approx 280 children)  Around 62% of parents migrate during this period.  The hostels not only provide two meals and a snack every day, but they also offer medical facilities, counselling services, age-appropriate games and sports equipment and opportunities for excursions and festival celebrations.  The children enjoy the food (most are so poor that at home they do not even get two square meals a day) and the company of the other children; so much so, that even when their relatives or visiting parents call, they do not like to leave the hostel for long.
Higher Education Support Programme

Under this programme, 72 students are supported in higher education at University level.  Nine are now training to be doctors and 11 as engineers. 


AWARE'S Goals For 2018

After such a great year of fundraising, we are confident that we can support a further two projects in 2018.

To do this we will need to raise £87,000 and with your support we know we can do this!

The new projects are:

Lok Shala: The People’s School
Shishav is a Bhavnagar based organisation active since 1993.  Having worked with underprivileged children all over the state, it has a wide experience on Child Rights.
Under the current project Shishav is trying to improve the quality in education and has established community education centres called “Lok Shala” in two slum areas of Bhavnagar’s most marginalised communities.
These schools are run and managed by the local community, providing quality academic support and guidance to children who are falling behind in their studies and are prone to dropping out of school. 
By providing high quality supplemental learning opportunities through daily sessions in their own neighbourhoods, these vulnerable children will build the confidence and skills they need to succeed in their formal education and increasing their retention rates in the school.  

Lok Shalas also serve as a hub of educational and developmental activities for all children in the poorest areas of Bhavnagar. 
In the first year, the two Lok Shalas will help 300 children.
Kashmir Project in partnership with Vishwagram
Vishwagram has led an initiative where the partners believe that the mainstreaming of the Kashmiri people is as much the responsibility of civil society as it is of governments.  Therefore, taking children and schools as an entry point, the group wants to take up some non-controversial projects with children and youth in the field of education.  The idea is to let the Kashmiri people experience for themselves that they are very much like other Indians and they are welcome in the Indian mainstream as much as anyone else in the country. 
AWARE would like to support this project by:

  • Helping close to 50 high school and college students with their education within or outside of Kashmir.

  • Inviting young graduates/post-graduates and mid-career professionals under a fellowship programme to work or do research in Gujarat.

  • Starting 5 LRCs in schools in Kashmir.

  • Supporting a shelter home in Patna, Bihar, for the girls of the Mushahar community. Mushahars are one of the most needy and educationally deprived schedule caste communities

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