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Your generous donations will help in many ways. For example, in the School Retention Programme, AWARE invests  your money in running centres to help children who need learning support. In addition, AWARE provides educational counselling, motivation and extra-curricular activities. The monthly cost to run a centre for SRP students is in the region of £30.00.

With the Higher Education Support Programme, financial donations pay for fees, textbooks and hostel accommodation. To support a college student, the monthly cost ranges between £50.00 and £200.00.

Under the Special Rehabilitation Programme, your donations pay for all costs including accommodation, care and protection, education and food. According to the latest price index, the complete rehabilitation of a child costs just £36.00 per child per month.

Thank you on behalf of The AWARE Foundation and on behalf of those disadvantaged children whom you will be helping to save.

Please click here to make a donation online using our fundraising page, allowing you to pay by a Credit/Debit Card.



AWARE appreciates donations of good quality toys, books and clothes for the use of the children in the AWARE projects. For information on how to donate goods, please contact AWARE via the CONTACT page.

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