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We hope that this message reaches you all safe and well, during these unprecedented times.


We wanted to share a short update regarding the children that AWARE supports and the current situation In India.


Since mid-March, India started to get affected by the infection, which, as like everywhere, has been spreading quickly ever since.


Rajesh and his team have been working very hard to ensure every one’s safety and providing ongoing support.


The schools closed earlier in March and Rajesh has confirmed that all the children that AWARE looks after have been accounted for and most returned safely to their parents.  We still have 6-8 children in hostels, all of whom are safe and are being looked after well. 


Rajesh and his team have been working alongside the government bureaucracy to cover 25 villages, in the first phase, reaching out with essential supplies to needy families in Dang.  They are also ensuring that workers who work away for long periods of time, are getting back to their families safely. 


Rajesh and his team remain in constant contact, helping not only the families of the children we support, but all those in desperate need, making themselves available and on hand 24/7.


We are very grateful to Rajesh and the team for working so swiftly to ensure the safety of all the children and their ongoing efforts to support their families and those most vulnerable.


We understand that these times are very difficult for everyone; charities are also feeling the effects, as fundraising and events have obviously come to a halt. So, for those of you who would like to continue to support AWARE during this time, please feel free to do so here, any donation would be so gratefully received.


We hope that these uncertain times pass soon - we send you all our warmest wishes, please stay safe and take care.


The AWARE Trustees

Jayesh, Rajesh, Prashant, Amit and Rakesh

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