Jayesh visits Dangs Project April 2018

Jayesh Patel (founder of AWARE) has been to India, visiting one of our projects: The Seasonal Hostels & LRCS in Dangs

The hostels are for children of parents who migrate to work for 7 to 8 months of the year. 

Jayesh took these children a special treat, a suitcase of Easter eggs! It was the first time they had eaten chocolate, so as you can imagine, they loved it!

There are now 7 hostels across different villages with 40 children per hostel (approx 280 children) Around 62% of parents migrate during this period. 

The hostels not only provide two meals and a snack every day, but they also offer medical facilities, counselling services, age-appropriate games and sports equipment and opportunities for excursions and festival celebrations. The children enjoy the food (most are so poor that at home they do not even get two square meals a day) and the company of the other children; so much so, that even when their relatives or visiting parents call, they do not like to leave the hostel for long.

A fantastic project, making a difference to many children.