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Action with Awareness Regarding Education Foundation is a UK registered Charity Trust. Registered Charity No. 1119897

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The objective of The AWARE Foundation (Action With Awareness Regarding Education) is to give dispossessed, disadvantaged and vulnerable children in India the right to an education.

AWARE reaches out to children in deprived communities throughout India by using education as a way of transforming their lives for the better.  It also provides street/runaway children and orphans with a protected childhood so that they can go on to make well-informed decisions in life. 

In the last year AWARE has provided shelter to 60 HIV affected children, 112 street children, a school retention programme for 350 children, higher education support programme to 100 children and a special rehabilitation programme for 800 children of sex workers and HIV+ parents.


AWARE has supported over 15,000 cases since it started in 1997

Thank you for your support - 2019 was a fantastic year

Jayesh visits projects being supported by AWARE

February 2020


a night to remember...

Jayesh (founder of AWARE) has spent the last few weeks visiting some of the projects that AWARE supports in India. He visited two schools in South Gujarat district of Narmada. The children are 6-14 years old, and are accommodated in hostels on the same campus, these two schools are in the second most deprived and unprivileged areas in India. 

He then went on to visit the Dang project which provides shelter, education, nutritious meals and a safe environment to children who's parents migrate for 6-7 months of the year. Over the migration period we sheltered 470 children across 5 homes last year. Such a wonderful environment is created for these children that many of them don't want to leave when their parents return.

It’s wonderful to see first hand what a huge difference AWARE funds are making to so many young lives. Thank you for all of your support.